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Multicultural Marketing

Plug into the power of multicultural marketing to reach a diverse audience and expand your business.

A customer’s background impacts how they consume content, products, and services. Therefore, marketers must consider their languages, traditions, beliefs, experiences, and customs while crafting messages.  Multicultural marketing focuses on recognizing these influences. It uses them to help you enhance your communications with your target customers. 

Multicultural customers are rapidly growing, and businesses must start adopting a multicultural marketing approach to connect with them. When you market to a specific ethnic group, authenticity is the most significant characteristic. 

We, at Brandigic, understand the cultural values and insights shared by the members of certain groups and help create messages that reverberate with genuineness. We are marketers with experience in reaching diverse audiences with suitable messages. We offer messages that enable our audiences to action and utilize the right methods to meet our customers where they are most expected to engage. 

Benefits of Multicultural Marketing

  • People respond better to customized messages- Today, the public is overwhelmed with mass messaging. On average, we see 10,000 ads every day. It is to the extent where people can be resistant to advertising. They will avoid your Facebook ad or put your email in the trash unless they hear or see something that speaks to them directly. Segmented marketing focuses on this problem by learning about the specific requirements, pain points, and desires of various segments in your market, then modifying your message to speak to those problems. 
  • Massive opportunities in unexploited market segments- Millenials, who make up most of the multicultural market, are dedicated to the brands that meet their requirements. When they achieve what they want from a product, they share it with their contacts and families on social media. 49% of customers who get positive experience support other to purchase from the brand online. These customers maintain their tradition but also delve into other cultures. They enjoy multicultural experiences in terms of food, shopping, and entertainment. However, you cannot put all of them into a single box. Studies into these varied cultures can present several opportunities for your company. What values are appreciated by your customers? What are their histories, experiences, and upbringings? Asking these types of questions will help you to find out the cultural mindset of your audiences. Your messaging must address all the values and interests of a multicultural customer. Take the customer’s view of the society around them into account while planning your marketing campaigns.  You can then offer authentic messaging and experiences, even to purchasers from various cultures. 
  • High ROI- Multicultural marketing needs a mindset that embraces diverse customers. This strategy focuses on more than one majority of customers to ensure sustainability. It understands, embraces, and operates in a multicultural market. Your strategies should also embrace a diverse target audience to create connections with target audiences. By doing multicultural marketing, your messaging and ads will be highly segmented and will resonate well with your target customer. In the most basic sense, multicultural marketing means a complete understanding of the customer without a one-size-fits-all tactic. Communicating this way provides a great chance of delivering significant messages. Nearly 56% of marketers felt that it enhances the customer experience, whereas 61% of them believe that it raises conversions. 

How We Do Multicultural Marketing

Tactically focused, creatively motivated, Result-driven

  • Market Research & Insights- The winning strategy begins with data. We have built a comprehensive database of qualitative and quantitative research, global benchmarks, and statistics to inform every industry investigation. But data alone is not sufficient. Our in-house experts go ahead with the numbers to avoid fundamental barriers. We include data from online ethnic panels, customer-based evaluation, and ethnographical sessions into useful insights specific to your brand.
  • Strategy- At Brandigic, to reach people, we first try to understand them. Our strategy to creating strategy needs unconventional, motivated thinking. Creating highly targeted ideas in association with data-driven insights. Forming conversions that motivate customer behavior. It means combining traditional data with our signature ideas to find your target audience and how to reach them. 
  • Creative- Out of all the things which we do, our passion is to develop ad concepts that encourage and reverberate with real people. We create brand stories that come to life across the ever-growing media environment- with clear, simple, and reliable messaging. We are end-to-end, full-range, and have access to the best international and local talent. The results are multifaceted, to the point, and significantly you. 
  • Media Planning & Buying- Background is a driving force in ethnic media buying.  We create media strategies to strengthen your brand across the spectrum and in coordination with your whole campaign. We use our established partnerships with foremost mainstream, and ethnic media players and retailers to spread your message- in every language. 
  • Consulting- Developing audience-comprehensive strategies for today’s varied marketplace. With a focus on technology, digital, and innovation, Brandigic helps brands in different industries find new growth opportunities amid changing customer demographics and trends. Our style is constructed on cultural intelligence. Developing audience-inclusive solutions along with data-driven perceptions. Recognizing opportunities that shift the business forward into new markets. 

We believe that every customer is unique, with a specific set of behaviors, desires, and motivations. We turn these various data points into human understanding and develop more pertinent and effective marketing.  With multicultural marketing and outreach, you can reach people who love your brand. This type of engagement provides a boost to each part of your business.